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  1. The dynamical origins of the dark comets and a proposed evolutionary track
    Aster G. Taylor, Jordan K. Steckloff, Darryl Z. Seligman, and 5 more authors
    Icarus, 2024
  2. Formation and Structure of Circumplanetary Disks and Envelopes During the Late Stages of Giant Planet Formation
    Aster G. Taylor, and Fred C. Adams
    Icarus, Jun 2024
  3. Potential Melting of Extrasolar Planets by Tidal Dissipation
    Darryl Z. Seligman, Adina D. Feinstein, Dong Lai, and 6 more authors
    Astrophysical Journal, Jan 2024
  4. Seasonally Varying Outgassing as an Explanation for Dark Comet Accelerations
    Aster G. Taylor, Davide Farnocchia, David Vokrouhlický, and 3 more authors
    Icarus, Jan 2024


  1. Fitting the Light Curve of 1I/’Oumuamua with a Nonprincipal Axis Rotational Model and Outgassing Torques
    Aster G. Taylor, Darryl Z. Seligman, Olivier R. Hainaut, and 1 more author
    Planetary Science Journal, Oct 2023
  2. Interstellar Comets from Post-main-sequence Systems as Tracers of Extrasolar Oort Clouds
    W. Garrett Levine, Aster G. Taylor, Darryl Z. Seligman, and 4 more authors
    Planetary Science Journal, Jul 2023
  3. Numerical Simulations of Tidal Deformation and Resulting Light Curves of Small Bodies: Material Constraints of 99942 Apophis and 1I/’Oumuamua
    Aster G. Taylor, Darryl Z. Seligman, Douglas R. MacAyeal, and 2 more authors
    Planetary Science Journal, May 2023
  4. Dark Comets? Unexpectedly Large Nongravitational Accelerations on a Sample of Small Asteroids
    Darryl Z. Seligman, Davide Farnocchia, Marco Micheli, and 15 more authors
    Planetary Science Journal, Feb 2023